Why work with Quik Corp?

The answer is simple. We listen and understand your challenges, your work and the way you operate. We streamline the processes, so your work flows better, all with safety and usability in mind.

We’re proud to reveal the first 3 fire-attack appliances for HP Plantations, which are the largest plantation company in Queensland, managing 340,000 hectares of forest. The platform is a slip-on style incorporating built-in forklift pockets, which allow for greater usability of the vehicle. The single-piece framework means an entire system is a complete unit so it can be easily removed on and off when not in use. When the vehicle is due to be upgraded, the slip-on is simply lifted off the tray with a forklift. This gives you added flexibility when upgrading your fleet.

Each of our custom slip-on units is designed and engineered to meet each client’s unique needs. Regardless of your budget and compliance requirements, we work alongside you to provide a solution for every application.

This system includes:

  • 300L baffled UV stabilised tank
  • Slip-on framework with built-in forklift pockets
  • Storage cage on top of the tank for suction hose
  • RFRA-2 electric rewind hose reel with 5m of fire-rated hose
  • Honda GX200 engine with Davey single impeller pump
  • Solid EF500 wetting agent
  • Drip torch holder
  • 2x storage lockers with custom chainsaw storage

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