QuikCorp and Mercedes Donate Fire Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Australia and QuikCorp Fire Engineering have collaborated to donate a firefighting vehicle to the RFBAQ for the benefit of a Rural Fire Brigade in Queensland.

“This amazing act of generosity will see a Rural Fire Brigade that does not currently have a fire truck be able to better defend their local community through this donation,” Justin Choveaux, General manager of the RFBAQ said this week.

“Two such respected organisations should be commended for working together to help volunteer firefighters and local communities.”

The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon was donated by Mercedes Benz and will be fitted out for free by QuikCorp Fire Engineering to meet the general-purpose needs of a rural brigade here in Queensland.

Giving back to the community

QuikCorp Managing Director David Wardle says

“We are proud that we can give back to the local Queensland community, while partnering with one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. We both believe it’s essential for the men and women who volunteer to fight fires every fire season, to have the tools they need to protect our communities.”

QuikCorp Fire Engineering have previously outfitted the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for Queensland Parks and Wildlife, and most recently with the RFBAQ, designed and built a Landcruiser light attack prototype that is currently being showcased around Queensland by the RFBAQ.