The Future of Safety & Technology 

Today our breadth of capabilities and resources means we deliver fully integrated products that are completely customisable. From spray units to fire and emergency service vehicle builds, we have the capacity for numerous applications in industrial and commercial markets.
From consultation through to design and the build of any fire vehicle, our success in innovation comes from working closely with our customers and combining our talents with their requirements and ideas.
We hold numerous patents and designs on a range of innovative products which highlights our commitment to improvement.


Introducing our new Quik CAFS system, which has been designed to make the addition of CAFS to your vehicle a simple and effective solution. The addition of Foam adds another level of protection in the event of a burn over. Our innovative air and water pumping system has been designed to facilitate the addition of foam by easily connecting to your existing pumping system, without the hassle of major vehicle rework. 

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The Sentinel 300 delivers a cleaner cab by actively reducing harmful contaminants in emergency vehicles. It’s patented Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI tm ) technology uses a precise electronic charge that neutralises VOCs, bushfire VOCs, viruses, bacteria and even sterilises mould. It is safe for humans and even pets while in operation. 

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The spare wheel carrier enables the Tyre to be lifted and placed on the ground for fast, easy Tyre exchange. Lifting and lowering of the Tyre through automation greatly reduces the risk of injury for the operator that manually lifting presents. 

  • Weight capacity from 20kg up to 180kg
  • Lowers to the ground
  • Stores and locks into place 
  • Compact, user-friendly, kerb-side design 
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The Solid EF dispenser is designed as an alternative to liquid foam can be easily retrofitted to your existing fire equipment. The lightweight aluminum dispenser and biodegradable water solvent cartridges add liquid wetting agent to your water. This makes firefighting more effective by dampening the surface for longer. Available in a 1kg block or 5 x 200g donuts configuration.

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The QFE Fire Nozzle was designed specifically with bush freighting in mind. The trigger action allows for one handed operation and is ergonomically designed for extended use. 

  • High pressure/low/high flow
  • Volume selectable by nozzle selection 
  • Robust heavy-duty design 
  • Low pressure, high/low flow
  • Easy to operate from jet to fog with a simple adjustment 
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