Command & Manage From…Literally Anywhere

Quik Corp is pleased to release our latest Incident Command Trailer.

The practical, mobile solution for the command and control of emergency situations comes fitted with an extensive communications hub and everything you need for a mobile emergency control centre. We’ve packed in literally everything – including the kitchen sink!

The impressive swing-out kitchen is complete with ample bench space, microwave and camp stove. The external working LED lights are strategically placed on top of the canopy to light the surrounding areas at night, and a completely lit internal working environment ensures you can work long into the night.  The pull-out awnings extend the usable space around the trailer, providing valuable shelter to staff. The on-board generator ensures you have power no matter where you go, even in the most isolated areas. The heavy-duty construction of the trailer makes it perfect for off-road conditions, complete with extra-long drawbar to make it easier to maneuver when reversing. The street-side and curb-side legs provide that extra support when the trailer is erected as a command centre.

Quik Corp offers the most advanced command centre trailers that are ideal for coordinating emergency rescues and special events. For a completely towable option that is easy to set up and pack down, even in the most isolated locations, call Quik Corp to discuss your specific requirements on 1800 645 688.